NMR Fourier spectrometer Bruker AVANCE-300
YaMR-Fure-spektrometr-Bruker-AVANCE-300.jpg Designed to study the structure of organic molecules. The Institute of Chemistry, Komi Science instrument widely used for the analysis of aliphatic, alicyclic, aromatic polyfunctional organic compounds, including nitrogen, halogen, sulfur and oxygen-containing terpene hydrocarbons, and bisphenol (arilepoksidnyh) resins, cellulose derivatives, polysaccharides.
HPLC chromatographs Termo Finnigan Surveyor with MS-detector
VEGhH-hromatografy-Termo-Finnigan-Surveyor-s-MS-detektorom.jpg The device is a basic configuration of the "analytical liquid chromatograph - mass spectrometer." High pump pumps simultaneously allow four different as the eluent in isocratic or a gradient mode. The device allows to solve a large number of tasks of the analysis of natural and synthetic compounds.
FT-IR spectrometer Shimadzu IR Prestige-21
IK-Fure-spektrometr-Shimadzu-IR-Prestige-21.jpg Highly sensitive instrument , specially designed for a wide range of research and applied tasks : analysis of liquid and solid samples , pharmaceuticals , biological , inorganic samples, etc. Device equipped to operate in the mid-IR region of 4000 - 400 cm- 1. High sensitivity and accuracy is achieved by using a ceramic light source high power scheme using optical elements with gold-plated surface to improve reflectivity , as well as sensitive and thermally stabilized detector DLATGS vysokomonohromaticheskogo radiation source for verification and accuracy of wavelength (He-Ne laser). Possibilities of the instrument expanded through the use of diffuse reflection consoles DRS- 8000.
Scanning spectrophotometer Shimadzu UV–1700 (PharmaSpec)
Skaniruyuschii-spektrofotometr-Shimadzu-UV1700-PharmaSpec.jpg Modern compact device with all the basic functions of spectrophotometric operates in the wavelength range 200 - 1100 nm. The model has a dual-beam optics, slit 1 nm. Can operate autonomously or under the control of a personal computer. As the sources of radiation in the UV region used deuterium (D2), and in the visible - halogen (WI) of the lamp. Survey samples held in quartz cuvettes 10 mm thick . Spectral characteristics useful for identifying conjugated acetylenic systems , heterocyclic chromophores nonconjugated and conjugated carbonyl groups , aryl chromophore conjugated diene , triene , polyenes.
Analytical centrifuge IOM-3180


Designed to determine molecular weights, molecular weight characteristics of the polymers, the hydrodynamic parameters of macromolecules in solution by analytical centrifugation. The Institute of Chemistry of the device is used for the study of different origin and lignins soluble cellulose derivatives.
X-ray diffractometerShimadzu XRD-6000


Designed for a wide range of studies in the field of X-ray analysis. The Institute of Chemistry instrument is mainly used for the routine determination of the phase composition and crystalline structure of substances.
DerivatographNetzsch STA 409 PC/PG
Derivatograf-Netzsch-STA-409-PC-PG.jpg Intended use: simultaneous thermal analysis, differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), differential thermal analysis (DTA), thermogravimetry (TG). Allows measurements of the specific heat, melting, crystallization, recrystallization, phase transitions, glass, chemical reactions, temperature decomposition and oxidation, weight loss.